Less is more when it comes to cannabis use for improving women’s sexual health, study finds

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Several studies have evaluated the effects of marijuana on libido, and it seems that changes in desire may be dose-dependent

review of studies pertaining to the relationship between cannabis use and libido has indicated that lower doses of cannabis are more effective in improving sexual desire than larger amounts.

The study, titled ‘Effects of Cannabinoids on Female Sexual Function’ and published in this month’s Sexual Medicines Review, had researchers review eight animal studies and 12 human studies that were completed between 1970 and 2019.

“When evaluating sexual pleasure, most studies show that marijuana has a positive effect,” researchers note. “Marijuana use with sex has also been associated with prolonging orgasm or improving the quality of orgasm. Only one study that we reviewed reported that marijuana use inhibits orgasm; however, that study specifically looked at dysfunction as opposed to overall function.”

The amount of cannabis, as per the findings, seems to be the key to enhancing the libido.

“Several studies have evaluated the effects of marijuana on libido, and it seems that changes in desire may be dose-dependent. Studies support that lower doses improve desire but higher doses either lower desire or do not affect desire at all,” the study points out. “The data indicate dose-dependent effects on female sexual desire and receptivity, such that low doses generally facilitate or have no effect but high doses inhibit.”

As is the case with most studies and reviews, more research is needed to understand the relationship between cannabinoids and libido — particularly with regards to female sexual function.

“More research is needed to develop a better understanding of the effects of cannabinoids on female sexual function,” the researchers state. “There does appear to be an effect on both animals and humans, but whether the effect is positive or negative along dose and species lines requires more study. With the legalization of marijuana occurring in more countries and more U.S. states, there needs to be more well-controlled studies evaluating the effects.”

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