New Colorado Radio Station K-HIGH Devotes All Airtime To Marijuana

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A Colorado radio station has become the first and only station in North America to dedicate its airtime exclusively to marijuana — and calls itself (wait for it) K-HIGH.

Three weeks ago, K-HIGH was a Fox Sports affiliate, but its station owners wanted to try something different. They decided to capitalize on the growing popularity of marijuana after the state legalized recreational use last January.

“A lot of us went into it with a little bit of apprehension that first day,” said Len Williams, K-HIGH program director. “But after it was explained and after we saw some of the positives benefits from it, we thought ‘we’re going to take the keys to this Ferrari and we’re going to rev it up.'”

Williams says the station will cover marijuana issues locally, nationally and even internationally.

“I sincerely doubt if we will run into any show or any host that’s going to come in front of the mic and say I have absolutely nothing to talk about. I believe we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.”

According to Williams, the station is being run according to Federal Communications Commission guidelines and promises there will be no cursing or vulgarity.

“We are a radio station. We want to be as professional as possible and show people that we have a product that can be talked about intelligently.”

Williams says K-HIGH is taking precautions to ensure any young people listening to the station do not get the wrong impression.

“The number one thing we thought of when we actually started putting programming together was we have to use a disclaimer up saying that the programming we have is for ages 21 and up. We have that playing at the very least twice maybe three times an hour.”

The station is just over a week old and Williams says the station already has 15,000 streams on its website.

To celebrate 4/20, K-HIGH had correspondents at every major event in Colorado, including the Cannabis Cup in Denver.

“The unofficial holiday was going to be there regardless. We’re just happy to be the drum major at the front of the parade,” said Williams.

To listen to the full interview with program director Len Williams, listen to the audio labelled K-HIGH

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