Heavy Hitters 2.2g

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Heavy Hitters 2.2-gram vape cartridge, various flavors


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2.2G Cartridge

The Original high-potency vape cartridge, Heavy Hitters utilizes Cold-Filtered distillate for the best vaping experience available. Heavy Hitters’ signature Cold-Filtering purifies the oil beyond standard distillation, resulting in a consistent ultra-potent cannabis oil, and a better experience for you. Bearing the Clean Cannabis Guarantee seal, Heavy Hitters proudly meets or exceeds all California standards for cannabis excellence and safety.

Available Strains:

Blue Dream
Bubba Kush
Diablo OG
Girl Scout Cookie
Gorilla Glue
Grape Ape
Malibu OG
Northern Lights
OG Kush
Pineapple Express
Skywalker OG
Strawberry Cough


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in

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