Retail Cannabis Hits Kelowna Today Through Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store

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KELOWNA, British Columbia, July 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store (“Hobo Rec.”) the new cannabis venture from hospitality company, Donnelly Group, today announces the opening and launch of its first retail store in Kelowna, British Columbia. Located at 2121 Springfield Road, the Hobo Rec. store is a first for Kelowna, giving residents legal, retail access to their local bud for the first time in Canadian history. This launch marks Hobo Rec.’s third BC-based retail location and fourth location nationally, in roughly three months. Following its inaugural launch in April 2019, Hobo Rec.’s Ottawa store, located in Centretown, remains Ontario’s top performing store.

“The Okanagan’s ability to produce high-quality cannabis is second to none – they’re one of the reasons people associate BC Bud with quality cannabis in the first place. It’s incredibly meaningful to us, that Kelowna now have legal access to the area’s Licensed Producers and local brands through Hobo Rec.,” said Harrison Stoker, Vice President of Brand and Culture at Donnelly Group. “This is more than just the opening of a store – it’s bringing Kelowna cannabis home, and empowering the area’s cannabis community to enjoy their locally grown, quality bud of choice.”

Praised for its ideal micro-climate conditions and some of the country’s most optimal cannabis growing lands, the Okanagan is aptly known as BC’s “weed valley.” As the first of 15 adult-use cannabis stores slated to open in Kelowna, Hobo Rec. will make Canadian history, shaking up people’s ability to access legal, recreational cannabis, and to purchase and consume the very product that has been carefully cultivated and produced in their backyards.

“We look forward to working with the experienced team at Hobo Rec., leveraging their retail and hospitality expertise to bring locally grown cannabis to Okanagan consumers,” said Lauren Pryor, Senior Brand Manager DOJA Cannabis. “We at DOJA are committed to continually refining our cultivation processes in order to create small-batch, high-quality flower. We are thrilled that our local community will have easy, legal access to our products through this new Hobo Rec. location.”

“Flowr is excited to welcome Hobo Rec. to Kelowna and we are pleased that our cannabis products, grown right here in the Okanagan Valley, will finally be available on local retail shelves. Our city’s cannabis consumers have been underserved since legalization and today is the first step in making legal cannabis more accessible locally,” said Dr. Lyle Oberg, Chief Medical and Policy Officer of Flowr. “In 2017 we established our Kelowna campus and it continues to be a single hub for our Canadian production because we believe it is the best place in Canada to operate. We look forward to working with Hobo Rec. to deliver products that knowledgeable consumers appreciate for their superior taste and aroma, as well as educating less experienced consumers on the differences offered by our products.”

Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store’s four locations now include Centretown (391 Bank Street, Ottawa), Airport (8425 Granville Street, Vancouver), Main (4296 Main Street, Vancouver), and Kelowna (2121 Springfield Road), offering consumers a selection of five cannabis intents: Move (THC dominant), Lift (THC leaning), Balance (equal parts THC to CBD), Calm (CBD dominant), and Rest (THC dominant).

Hobo Rec. Kelowna will be open to the public, from 9am – 11pm.

About Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store
Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store, a Donnelly Group venture, is a Canadian collection of privately-owned retail cannabis stores with locations in B.C. and Ontario. As a testament to Hobo Rec.’s commitment to the consumer experience and making the cannabis buying experience disarming, compassionate and human, each of Hobo Rec.’s nine locations will employ a contemporary aesthetic rooted in simple, functional design and feature a well-considered product range and frictionless technology. Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store plans to hire over 200 retail positions in the coming months. For more information, visit

About The Flowr Corporation
Flowr, through its subsidiaries, holds cannabis production and sales licenses granted by Health Canada. With a head office in Toronto and a production facility in Kelowna, BC, Flowr builds and operates large-scale, GMP-designed cultivation facilities utilizing its own growing systems. Flowr’s investment in research and development along with its sense of craftsmanship and a spirit of innovation is expected to enable it to provide premium-quality cannabis that appeals to the adult-use recreational market and addresses specific patient needs in the medicinal market.

For more information, visit Follow Flowr on Twitter: @FlowrCanada; Facebook: Flowr Canada; Instagram: @FlowrCanada; and LinkedIn: The Flowr Corporation.

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