Shaquille O’Neal, Who Was Involved in a $12 Million Lawsuit, Sues “Legal Cannabis” Company for $1.3 Million

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Shaquille O’Neal is not your average retired NBA player, with investments spread across a multitude of industries, he is more of a financial mogul than a retired player. His net worth far exceeds that of the touted $400 million and a lot of it is down to smart moves.

Shaq does not play around when it comes to money. He knows what’s good and often takes time to take a look at things before putting his money in. This is the reason why he has an insane net worth.

Of course, it goes without saying that every investment cannot yield dividends. Some are bound to fail. And when it does you just hold your hands and hope the other one works out.

But not Shaq, he will sue you, just like he did to this “legal cannabis” company.

Shaquille O’Neal sues “legal cannabis” company, following $100,000 loss

Typical of Shaq to hold business deals to such a high standard. But for $100,000? That seems odd.

The reason could be that since the business involved Cannabis, his name would get tainted. And this is the same Shaq, who was involved in a $12 million lawsuit, so it does seem ironic. However, he had every legal right.

The company, Viceroy LLC, wished to work in the field of legal cannabis. The project was kickstarted started in 2015 but had no license, or operations till 2017.

O’Neal and his partner Jerome Crawford invested $100,000 and $50,000 respectively, in hopes that the company would return $10,000 each month but the company paid the sum only once.

O’Neal and Crawford filed the suit for $1.3 million in damages on December 19th, 2022.

Shaq is no stranger to lawsuits

His sizeable net worth and the fact that he is constantly in the public eye meant that he has been a constant target.

One such instance is when his IT consultant blackmailed and wanted to sue him for $12 million. The reason?

The nameless, IT consultant planted explicit videos with children on O’Neal’s computer. What a harrowing ordeal that must have been.

And Shaq has often been dealt the bad hand when it comes to lawsuits. We hope that for his sake, he gets the better end of the deal with this “legal cannabis” company’s lawsuit.

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