Want To See What A B-Real Rolled Big Joint Looks Like?

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I, like you, wasted hours of my youth listening to classic Cypress Hill lyrics and thinking in a smoke affected voice,  ”Yeah man. This is the quality shit right here.”  But then I’d get called an “idiot” by my mother for getting black ink on my lips after sucking on a pen and pretending it was Mary Ja-woonee.

The one time I did actually try smoking some weed, it was sourced from one  of the cool Asian kids from Cowley, and they don’t mess around with the mellow crap. Oh no. I was on some pure A-blend skunk weed. To give you an idea of the effect it had on me, I thought my car had taken a shit on the driveway, and I tried  to call the President to report it. Once the high finally wore off,  I was embryonic for three days. And this is why we don’t do drugs, kids.

B-REAL from Cypress Hill recently rolled a really big joint that was packed with SIX OUNCES of marijuana.  And then he posted a picture of it onInstagram.

If you want to know what it’s worth, it’s North of $1,000.

But don’t worry. Your benefits cheque will continue to stretch if you stick to the normal-sized ones.

big joint at minutesofmayhem.com

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