Colorado Marijuana Sales Break $1 Million On Day 1, Ben & Jerry’s Tweets In Celebration

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It took three months for the Obamacare website to get its act together but the first day of legal marijuana in Colorado was an unambiguous success: marijuana sales topped $1 million, according to 9News, on Colorado’s first day of selling marijuana to anyone willing to pay for it, no prescription required (just an ID that says you are over 21).

Some people, like delivery man Andre Barr, traveled from out of state to be part of the historic moment.

“It’s a huge deal for me,” said Barr, who drove over 1,000 miles from Niles, Michigan to Denver, Colorado.

In addition to the legal marijuana sellers, other Colorado businesses will see a windfall, as tourists from other states will come for the legal marijuana, but also spend money on hotels, restaurants, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Okay, the Ben & Jerry’s part was a joke, but I wasn’t the first to make it, Ben & Jerry’s was. The hippy-owned, Vermont-based ice cream operation tweeted this playful response to Colorado’s landmark day:

Ice cream aside, the economics of legal marijuana might be what nudges more states into legalizing. Like legal gambling in Nevada, legal marijuana may turbo charge Colorado’s economy, and other states that are considering legalization (like Colorado, Oregon and Alaska) will take notice.


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