Eaze To Deliver Cannabis Products To Your Door Step Within No Time

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An American company came up with “Uber for weed.” Are you surprised? A startup called Eaze now enables patients prescribed with marijuana to easily order its products online and have the drugs delivered to their door step.

Last year, the company had raised $1.5 million funds in order to initiate a business structure. Further, the funds will be invested to expand the availability of the company’s services to more markets beyond its origin, San Francisco Bay Area.

Eaze was launched in the summer of 2014 and has developed a few new trends. The use of marijuana has been accepted in many countries. It can be for medical reasons or any other, it is likely to stay legal and expand to other countries including different states in the US.

The company is ready to make cannabis products available on demand via mobile or just by placing an order through the web, and will deliver it within a short duration.

Local distributors in the cannabis industry have been taking orders for quite some time now, so deliveries at your doorstep are not at all new, it has been going on for decades.

This delivery service is different to others in a way that it facilitates its consumers to make legal purchases of marijuana. In the case of Eaze, if it wants to connect distributors with the patients in California, who require cannabis products; it can target a delivery within a very short time for instance 10 minutes.

Eaze’s Founder, Keith McCarty, states that the company aims to provide “only the best” cannabis products to its consumers to purchase. Rather than to offer a long list of products, Eaze targets its customers with flowers, and edible items that customers will be most interested to purchase.

An unknown consumer reported to have ordered a few marijuana products in order to treat his insomnia and anxiety. He seemed to be satisfied with the delivery time, as it took just 15 minutes for the order to be dropped off at his door step. Although he mentioned a few reasons that did not please him, one of them being the limited variety of cannabis items on the list. Another thing the user specified was a cash payment, rather than a mobile payment, when there are a variety of high-tech options around.

The customer’s delivery was made possible by Eaze. The service seems more of a connection to increase distributor sales rather than an actual startup for deliveries. We would suggest the company initiates a strategy to make sure the products are delivered in line with customers’ point of view.

The issues may be secondary to most, but Eaze will initiate a startup in order to provide a platform to connect patients and local distributors together. Eaze’s startup assures other investors that to access marijuana, or even to offer it to public is not a risky bet.

The cannabis industry is moving forward indeed. Recently, the startup funded Eaze and a $75 million funding will be provided by Privateer Holding with a variety of cannabis’ brands. Within no time, we will definitely see a growth in the marijuana segment.

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