Israel To More Than Double The Amount Of Physicians Prescribing Medical Marijuana

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Israel medical Marijuana prescriptions

Likud MK Haim Katz, Chair of the Knesset Labor, Social Welfare and Health Committee, has announced that the number of physicians authorized to prescribe medical marijuana in Israel will more than double by the end of this year. Currently there are only 9 doctors allowed to prescribe cannabis to patients in Israel, resulting in over 11,000 patients nationwide – this number is being raised to 20.

In addition to this expansion, a sub-committee has been appointed to review demands by patient groups to expand the list of qualifying conditions, and to make access to medical cannabis more easily available. The Health Ministry has stated that “All patients who need it will get it. If there is a need, we will solve the problem through legislation. We want those who deserve it to get it”.

Despite claims by local law enforcement that lax regulations could lead to an increase of cannabis on the black-market, the Health Ministry has declared that even patients not on the list of qualifying conditions may apply for medical cannabis under an exception in the law for extreme cases.




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