Justin Bieber: I’m sorry for smoking weed and I’m never going to do it again

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The singer admits he did wrong on Saturday Night Live

  • Justin Bieber has apologised for smoking drugs
  • Justin Bieber isn’t afraid to take the mickey out of himself
  • Justin Bieber played the president of the Miley Cyrus fan club on SNL

Justin Bieber has apologised for smoking cannabis.

The teen singer used his appearance on comedy programme Saturday Night Live to tell the truth about photos of himself holding a suspicious-looking cigarette at a party last month.

‘I also heard he got busted for smoking weed and he’s really sorry about it,’ said Justin, 18, referring to himself in the third person.

‘People make mistakes and he’s never gonna do it again.’

Justin called himself a ‘douche’ on the sketch show, which saw him play the president of the Miley Cyrus fan club.

When the snaps originally emerged in January, he took to Twitter to tell his 34 million followers that he was working on improving his behaviour.

‘everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up,’ Tweeted Justin.

‘i see all of u. i hear all of u. i never want to let any of you down. i love u. and..thank u. #beliebers.’


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