Marijuana Breaking News: Can Pot Save Nevada?

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Senior Assemblyman Joseph Hogan and freshman Andrew Martin both from Las Vegas, will introduce Marijuana Legalization Bill in Nevada

Marijuana Breaking News: Can Pot Save Nevada?

Stephen H Frye, M.D., a long time drug reform activist, and author of “Monumental Fiasco, Our Drug War!,” today secured a commitment from two Nevada Assemblymen to submit a bill to the Nevada legislature to legalize marijuana for all adults, similar to the recent initiatives that passed in Colorado and Washington. They are Senior Assemblyman Joseph Hogan and freshman Andrew Martin, both from Las Vegas.

Dr. Frye received and exceptionally warm response to his presentation that Nevada could generate in excess of $500,000 million dollars annually by utilizing the taxation model developed in Washington, where marijuana is taxed three different times 25percent, from the grower to the processor, from the processor to the retailer and from the retailer to the customer.

Dr. Frye also stressed that marijuana is an incredible tourism issue, as 50,000 tourists from many states and many different countries each spend $400 every summer to spend a week to camp and use porta-potties in the hot desert of northern Nevada for Burning Man. In addition, Hempfest, an annual marijuana festival in Seattle attracts 250,000 pot partiers ever year infusing millions into the Washington economy. This is significantly more people than attend Las Vegas’ biggest convention, the Consumer Electronics Show, that attracts 155,000 visitors.

Hawaii is another tourist state that currently has a marijuana legalization bill introduced by their House Speaker Joseph Souki. Nevada needs to revitalize our tourist industry by re-legalizing marijuana, the safest over-the-counter, recreational, or prescription drug in history. Nevada’s new bill will also create jobs because it will mandate that all cannabis sold in Nevada after the first transitional year be grown and processed in Nevada to create new green jobs. We can now stop sending our money to the cartels to use in other illegal endeavors such as trafficking in teenage girls.

Legalization will also dramatically improve the health and well-being of our citizens, as marijuana is a remarkably safe and effective treatment for fifty different diseases, including chronic pain, cancer, Alzheimer ’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Autism, AIDS, and very importantly, the treatment of choice for our disabled returning veterans with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Re-legalizing marijuana will thus enhance our terrible education system, revitalize our tourist base, create badly needed new green jobs and enhance the health of our citizens.

Dr. Frye stressed there is absolutely no down side to legalizing marijuana as it is the safest recreational drug in history and we already have the highest teenage drug use in the world with 49 percent of our teens having already tried drugs by the time they graduate from high school! Alcohol kills an Americans every 15 minutes and is a leading contributor to domestic violence, child abuse, rape, assault, auto accidents and vehicular deaths. It is even safe to drive on marijuana, and you absolutely cannot die from it, unless a policeman or DEA agent shoots you, but that’s a drug war death, not a pharmacological death.

The move by Nevada legislators is breaking news, considering the fact that last year members of Nevada’s Clark County Commission prevented residents an opportunity to vote on ballot measure 7, which had it passed, would have allowed the state to tightly regulate, control and tax pot sales.

According to a source, the bill will be introduced no later than February 11, 2013.


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