Medical Marijuana Companies Will Conduct Research CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Now Endorses

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08/13/13 — Dr. Sanjay Gupta may be best known for his work as CNN’s chief medical correspondent, but after his documentary Weed aired on the network this past Sunday night, he may now be best known for changing his mind. The good doctor was once an opponent of using marijuana for medicinal purposes, but now his film is in stark contrast to his once held belief. Gupta is a neurosurgeon in his everyday life, so he knows a little something about the research he’s endorsing. Companies like Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX), through its subsidiary Medical Marijuana Sciences, Inc., will be studying cancers of the brain.

The documentary is eye opening for sure, and answers as many questions as it raises in the medical marijuana debate. Weed can be viewed in its entirety

Sanjay Gupta has caused quite a stir with his documentary as many groups advocating for the use of medical marijuana to treat patients suffering from a number of diseases and conditions are elated with the shift in opinion from his 2009 Time magazine article “Why I Would Vote No on Pot.” Meanwhile opponents of the drug are not too happy with a well known name switching sides as the debate continues grows louder and louder ahead of mid-term elections.

One thing is for sure, Gupta did not arrive at his decision this time without looking deeper into the medical marijuana debate. Gupta traveled the globe to do extensive research on the medicinal properties of marijuana and in his travels he looked at studies being done outside the U.S., talked to experts about the long term effects of the drug and its effects on the brain, spoke directly with patients using the drug and witnessed first-hand the amazing results those patients saw following the use of marijuana.

Gupta has apologized for his role in what he says is “a systematic misleading of Americans for nearly 70 years.” His opinion now is that in some cases marijuana is actually a better solution than pharmaceuticals.

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