PureCure 0.5g THC Extract Pre-filled Vaporizer Cartridge Review

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The PureCure half-gram vape refill is one of the best oils on the market today and should not be missed.  As with many of the not so green vape pen refills, the PureCure 500mg is a standard setup of screw-on one pieces, with the atomizer, tank and mouthpiece available as a standard 510 screw-on cartridge.   Overall the package delivery is good since none of these disposable vape tanks are really outstanding in terms of package performance — the smokability of the system in terms of large-puffs.   The PureCure screw-on performs pretty well.

Where the PureCure excels is product quality, clarity and effect.  Reportedly over 70% THC the PureCure oil is very clear and light in color.  Almost odorless and relatively flavorless, the potency is very good but the duration of effect is quick but smooth.   Sit back and sip one of the smoothest vapes around and sail in the ganja oil.


purecure vape
PureCure Vaporizer Cartridge

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