PureCure Indica Strip Review

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Ok, I have to admit that I’m not a medical user; sure I have some chronic ankle pain, but I’m not ‘medicating’ — I’m getting stoned high as a kite!  So the gray area between meds and recreation is a tough road to navigate…enter more products than you can sample and viola!  Confusion!


So perhaps that’s why I gave PureCure another try with the Indica and Sativa strips.  60mg of THC per strip, or so it says on the package.  I picked up one of each for $8 at my local dispensary and gave them a shot.

High – 1.  Taste – 7.  Letdown 10.

So I guess I just don’t get it…1 hour after my sublingual strip was placed on my tongue, dissolved and absorbed and nada.  Not a thinga.  The strip itself was pleasant – tasting somewhat citrus, quickly dissolving.  Sort of got excited waiting, waiting, and nope.  Nothing.

If anyone else out there can comment please do — I’ll eat the other one tomorrow and maybe update this, but in general, no buzz, no boom, no bongo.

Not necessarily unlike the vape oil.  Although I did review the oil vape from PureCure, I’m not necessarily convinced that a 10-20 minute ‘high’ from ‘pure’ THC oil is the way to go.

I pulled out my trusty Moon Rocks cold-pressed hash and bang.  Done.

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