Seahawks fans abuzz over super strain of marijuana

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WHILE THE Seahawks play in the Super Bowl, fans who live in Washington State can smoke a super bowl.

Washington, where weed in legal, already has a strain of pot named “Beast Mode 2.0” after Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. Now, a company named Solstice is busy hand-rolling joints for its new “12th Pack” product, an homage to the raucous Seahawks fans collectively known as the “12th Man.”

The pack consists of 12 sticks of “Seahawks Blend,” which allegedly hits harder that Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor.

According to King TV in Seattle, Patriots fans have taken to calling Solstice and its customers “stoners.”

“To that we just respond, ‘We play within the rules of our state. That’s something you should advise your team to do,’ ” said Joe Santucci, the company’s director of sales and marketing.

The first batch of “12th Pack” sold out quicker than expected, so the company has stepped up production. A Solstice spokesperson said the company plans to roll 12,000 joints by Sunday.

On employee, Katy Filippone said she rolls 180 to 220 in an 8 hour shift.

But she isn’t complaining. In fact, she’s downright high on her job.

“It’s not like I go home with cramps or anything,” she said with a grin.


Skirting the rule

This year, the PGA Tour tried to tone down the wild behavior on the 16th hole at the Phoenix Open. For sure, the loud, often beer-soaked fans will still cheer/heckle golfers as they reach the green.

But for safety reasons, golfers are no longer permitted to toss balls, hats and the like into the crowd. Ryan Palmer, deftly skirted the rule yesterday by wrapping 12 signed golf balls in $10 bills with a note that read “Have a beer on me.”

He then handed them out to a dozen lucky fans before sinking an 18-foot birdie putt .


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