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  • Siskiyou County, Calif.  —  The Discovery Channel has produced hits like Gold Rush, Deadliest Catch, American Choppers and Dirty Jobs. Later this month, the network will premiere a new series that puts the town of Weed and other cities in Siskiyou County directly in the spotlight.

    “Weed Country” is a six-part series that goes inside marijuana farms to document the battle between marijuana growers, dealers and authorities.

    It’s set to debut at 7 p.m. next Wednesday, Feb. 20.

    One of the episodes, titled “The Town of Weed,” features Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey and Sgt. Mike Gilley, who is the commander of the county’s Marijuana Eradication Team. It was filmed in Weed in August and September of 2012.

    Lopey said he’s seen the six episodes and feels the show is entertaining and interesting because it shows the perspectives of law enforcement and medical marijuana users and growers.

    “We struck a deal with the Discovery Channel to do six one-hour episodes. Our objective was to give the world a look at Siskiyou and highlight the challenges of cartel grows. I think it’s an interesting, well done show that a lot of people will be interested to watch.

    “We worked well with the producer, Bill Pruitt, and the cameramen… I think the show portrays the beauty and terrain of Siskiyou County and portrays law enforcement fairly,” Lopey said.

    According to information from the Discovery Channel, Weed Country “follows farmers working on the land deep in the border of Northern California and Oregon, known as the Emerald Triangle, who grow marijuana despite the risks involved – risks that can include up to 40 years in prison.”

    The series also explores the issues concerning growing the plant for medicinal purposes, and the conflicting views regarding medical marijuana.

    Lopey said he had hoped the show would deal more with cartel grows rather than medical marijuana, but he hopes the episodes “get some lessons through” about the detrimental environmental and social effects of marijuana.

    For a trailer of “The Town of Weed” episode, go to

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