Pot spray promises women better sex

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ASPEN, Colo. — Marijuana as an aphrodisiac?

That’s the promise behind a new pot spray.  It’s called “Foria” as in “euphoria” and it’s sold in perfume-like spray bottles.

It made its Colorado debut in Aspen during the Winter X-Games last week at Native Roots Apothecary.

The first 100 customers were allowed to buy a ten milliliter bottle for just one dollar.  “You know I think it’s time I try something new and exciting and I think my husband will be very excited as well,” said customer Nancy Mayer.

Women are told to spray the marijuana extract on their genitals three to five times, 30 minutes before sex.  When asked if the sex potion really works, Foria’s communications Director Anna Walters replied, “The answer from thousands of woman so far in California is yes, oh yes! “

Foria has been sold for nine months in California. But in the Golden State a person has to have a medical marijuana card and a doctor’s prescription to buy it.  In Colorado, anyone over the age of 21 can buy it.

The price in Colorado hasn’t been determined yet but in California a 10ml bottle sells for $44 and a 30ml bottle sells for $88.

“We’ve had so many products on the market to address male sexual function and enhancement and this is really the first thing coming out saying we want to have something that’s active, that works for women, everyone deserves pleasure,” said Walters.

Recipe is no secret

Foria’s secret ingredients are no secret at all, it’s just cannabis oil and coconut oil.

There is no patent for the product, which is why competitors say they may soon market their own version.

Cally Shadowshot is part owner of Aspen Leaf, a recreation marijuana store two blocks from the Native Roots Apothecary in Aspen, that hopes to sell a similar product in six weeks.  “I think there’s going to be a huge demand for it once the word spreads and it’s pretty exciting.  There’s a lot of great products we can infuse and that’s just yet another one,” said Shadowshot.

While the scientific evidence may not be as powerful as the marketing campaign, supporters insist those who try it will find all the proof they need in the bedroom.

“This is going to be a big surprise and I think he’ll (her husband) be surprised and I’m blushing but that’s okay,” said Mayer.

Foria is an edible product but it won’t get users high.

It’ll be available by the end of the week at all 14 Native Roots stores in Colorado.


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